Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Royal Knits

I normally don't jump onto the current knitting bandwagons. I didn't make any ponchos a couple years ago. I don't care what celebrity wears what sweater in which movie. I don't drool over whatever the latest "must make" sock, sweater or scarf.

Today, I am apparently making an exception. Kate, the new Duchess of Cambridge, wore a lovely, ruffled, green shawl. Knitters are all abuzz with the news. Ravelry groups are formed. Copycats are being test-knitted. Knit-alongs are planned.

And I will be joining in. Or at least, I plan too as of today. I may change my mind by the anticipated start date in a few weeks. I have two yarns in mind that will work well.

Today, it is all about the bandwagon.

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