Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kill. Me. Now.

The suicide ruffle is aptly named. It is that damned row that you start on Monday and knit all week. And still don't finish the row.

I am nearly finished with my first ball of yarn, and I am on row 6.

It was likely a wise move to order three balls for the ruffle. I honestly thought I would only need two, but I wanted a spare.

Meanwhile, the weather is turning warmer, and I have missed another deadline. For those who can't remember that far back, the first deadline was September 15th, the cruelly-imposed deadline for the Knit-along. The second deadline was Christmas (Ok, by this time I knew it was unlikely, but a girl can dream?) The third was less definite, but around the start of spring.

I have been working on this bloody British knockoff shawl for nine months. That is just insane. The monogomy requirement is long since past, but I still find myself obsessively devoted to the shawl. It is a matter of principal.

I will not let this ruffle defeat me.

Today, it is all about the obsession.

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