Thursday, May 24, 2012

Could it be that easy?

I tested my guage on my new  mystery project, and it appears to be twice as many stitches as the worsted/bulky weight pattern that I am modifying.  Doesn't that just mean I double everything in the instructions? 

That would be much easier.  That means I only have to change the actual design changes, and don't have to worry too much about the changes because of yarn weight. 

That sounds too easy.  I am sure there is a mathmatics explosion ticking away somewhere in my logic. 

My sweetie has only a vague understanding of knitting (and cares even less about it, but he loves me so he feigns minimal interest,)  but he does recognize yarns, so he can recognize various works in progress.  Last night, when he saw me casting on with silver yarn, he asked "What happened to the. . . .?"  Me: "The shawl.  The shawl is dead to me.  We do not speak of the shawl." 

At his look of dismay, I reassured him that I was not completely abandoning the shawl.  I was just taking a break. 

After all, I have already put a good forty hours in the ruffle alone.  It looks beautiful, or will when it is completed.  I will be back to it, and probably soon. 

Today, it is all about the admiration for sweeties who can't remember the word "shawl", but know what one is supposed to look like. 

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