Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I just need a bigger bag

Heard at Knitter-vention on Monday night:

"That is the third thing you have worked on in two hours!"  Yeah, so?  What is your point?

So, I couldn't decide what to bring, and had to grab a bigger bag, what is your point?

So I worked on three different things, there was a good reason.  The first was a sock, my usual briefcase sock that had an error that I needed to locate.  Once the error was corrected, I really didn't have to work on it anymore that evening. 

The second item was the Harry Potter scarf.  I finished a color, and didn't have scissors.  Yes, I could have easily borrowed a pair of scissors from one of six people, but that seemed like a good stopping place on that one for the night. 

The third was my complicated sock in progress.  

What of it?

Apparently, I haven't learned my lesson about endless shawls.  The Merry Berry shawl has been rescued from the bottom of the bag.  It is fingering yarn too, but mohair, so larger needles than the Duchess shawl.  (Size 7, I think.)  There will still be a mind-boggling number of stitches by the time the shawl is finished.  290 so far, increasing by four every other row.  
Meanwhile, I am starting to be tempted by lace.   

Which one shall it be?  I have some pretty sage green semi-solid mohair-ish that would be great for the Celtic Knot Stole.  And some fuschia laceweight that I see for the Print O' the Wave shawl. 

But I have been obsessing over the idea of a black lace shawl.  Maybe with some sequins or beads or something.  Elegant.  Dramatic.  Fit for the red carpet.  (Because that is something I encounter so often.) 

Snowdrops Shawl would work, though seems the antithesis of the name.  Or, the Rose Trellis Shawl. 

I am trying to finish at least one of the eight active projects before I run out and buy black lace yarn. 

Except. .  . I have a little time between taking Doodlebug for his flu shot and volunteering at the Talk to a Lawyer Day.  Just enough time to stop by the yarn store and pick out that black yarn.

Today, it is all about the licentiousness. 

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