Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Lesson in Lifelines

Grape Diamonds is finished, or nearly so.  I just have to attach the edge, and block it.  This is the scarf equivalent of Kitchnering a sock, and subject to the same level of procrastination. 

However, it is winter, and my chilly neck gives me incentive to finish sooner rather than later. 

I have enjoyed this scarf, though it apparently made me a bit cocky about lace.  (More on that later.)  The mistakes were relatively easy to idenitfy and repair.  I didn't even use lifelines beyond the first couple inches. 

Which leads me right into the pride that led-eth to my fall. 

I started the shawl.  Teeny tiny black yarn.  Teeny tiny size 2 needles.  Complicated lace pattern.  And yet, fresh from my recent lace triumph, I decided not to bother with a lifeline.  [Insert maniacal laughter here.]

After ten rows or garter and eight rows of lace, I made a mistake.  When I took a break for a day, before trying to find it, a bunch of stitches fell off the needles.  I looked at the inch of completed rows, and decided  it would take less time to rip out completely and start over, rather than tink back stitch by stitch, recover the lost stitches and locate the mistake. 

I have learned my lesson.  I am humbled by the lace.  I have finished the garter neck border, and dutifully put in the first lifeline. 

Today, it is all about the humility.

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