Sunday, December 30, 2012

Block you

The Grape Diamonds scarf is fiunished, blocked and has successfully adorned my neck against cold. 
The curling on the edges didn't completly disappear with blocking, but that is not obvious when the scarf encircles a neck.  Not sure if that is the fault of the pattern or the yarn. 

I know the curling is there, but no one else does, so I am not obsessing worrying about it too much.

It did give me a chance to use my blocking wires for the first time.  :-)  My sweetie only gave them to me as a birthday present two years ago.    The wires worked beautifully, and I couldn't imagine pinning out the whole bloody length of the scarf. 

I have also been working recently on the aphgan for my mother-in-law.  Even in bulky yarn on Size 8 needles, it seems like this is dragging along.  Of course, it probably helps to take it out of the knitting bag once in a while.  Apparently, knitting fairies don't sneak into the bag at night and finish my projects. 
And last but not by any means least, the newly named Black Rose shawl.
2 inches completed, 49 inches to go.  With teeny tiny black alpaca.  On teeny tiny needles.  Of ever-increasing rows that end at 990 stitches.  Oh, dear me, what have I done?

Meanwhile, I did some housekeeping yesterday, of my Ravelry account.  I created projects (some of which are already completed--I really am behind on this), and added pictures.  Lots of pictures!  And updated other projects.  And linked yarns and patterns in progress. 

Today, it is all about the housekeeping.       

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