Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Knitting from the gutter

It was a risque bunch of knitters last night.  At Knit night, Elizabeth was working on the Strip Tease Socks, which opened the door to the predictable puns and double ententres about table dancing and the oldest profession.

I withdrew a bit prematurely (pun intended) to join Knitterention in progress.  We got to talking about anniversaries, and I mentioned that my 7th was approaching.  Which led to a number of suggestions of how to avoid the infamous seven year itch.  My favorite was "That was the year we discovered porn."

After that, the knitting talk seems almost anti-climatic.

Almost.  I wore Fuchsia Wave for the first time to display for fellow knitters.  It is a bit itchy for short sleeves.  How could I not notice that during hour after hour of knitting?  The alpalca won't have that problem, right?  I haven't noticed a problem yet, but apparently, that is no judge.

Someone did comment that I have been rather shawl-obsessed the past two years. Yeah, so what's your point?

Today, it is all about the itches, seven year or otherwise.

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