Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How many is that?

As we did our usual " what's on your needles?" circle around the room at Knittervention last night. When it was my turn, I proudly held up Celtic Sage: a lace shawl. 

"How many do you have now?"  Lace shawls? Um, four. I didn't bother asking if they meant finished or unfinished, because the answer is ironically the same. 

Is that excessive?  Have I become a one trick knitter? I have other techniques In progress. Color work. Shaping. Socks. Afghans. Sweaters. Yet I keep coming back to the lace. I am sure there is a symbolic message in there, but I am too tired to identify it. (Long story. Mother in law. Middle of the night phone call. Emergency visit to treat a fever. Not fun.). 

Tonight, it is all about the single focus. 

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