Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last possible minute

The Christmas knitting was timely this year. Mostly. I finished both sets of fingerless mitts with time to spare. That triumph made me cocky. 

I started the coffee mug cozy and nearly finished it, weeks ahead of schedule. Plenty of time before Christmas Eve, so I let myself get distracted by other projects. Working ahead of schedule is usually when the wheels come off the wagon. 

So fast forward to Christmas Eve. There I was, knitting on the drive up. And knitting before the meal. And after the meal. I did finish just before the bingo started. Good thing, since this was intended to be one of the bingo gifts. I think that was the closest I have ever cut to a knitting deadline, and still made the deadline. (The Christmas present that was finished the following July doesn't count.)

So now we get to my distraction.  
Celtic Sage. Six inches long, and already breathtaking. I have only completed the border, and started the stockinette center section. Eventually, there will be an intricate center motif. Something tells me I am long way from that point. 

From past experience, I am starting to worry about whether or not I will have enough yarn. So far, I still have a ball of yarn that is five inches in diameter. (Diameter, not circumference.) and I still have two more hanks.  I will worry about screwing up the center motif. Plenty of time to worry about yarn later. 

Today, it is all about choosing the worries. 

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