Thursday, June 25, 2015

With Time to Spare

My sweetie's cousin is pregnant, and every baby deserves some knitted live to welcome him or her into the world. So, of course, I started knitting. 

I started small: a car seat blankie. One of the most useful gifts that I received as a new Mommy was a small blankie, just big enough to tuck around a baby in the carrier.   Not large enough to swaddle or wrap around the baby, but no falling corners or dragging seams either. 

I figured that a small blankie would ensure that I could finish before the baby was born. I was right. Too right. I finished the blankie in only a few weeks, with months to spare. So now I have decided the knit matching normal baby blanket. 

Why do I feel like I have set myself up to miss the deadline?

Today, it is all about the impending success or doom. 

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