Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Battle of the Fiber Tools

Knittervention has been the target of a recent invasion. At first, it was just the occasional random encroachment. Then, there was a regular singular  incursion. One was reinforced by two, which was fortified into three. Suddenly there were more crocheters than knitters. 

There is nothing wrong with that. Crocheting has its place: blankets, doilies, maybe a nice scarf. My aunt used to crochet lovely pot holders out of cotton thread, which I now treasure since she died. 

I just think that knitting is generally a superior form of fiber manipulation. 

If this continues, we are going to have to change the name, and Crochet-vent ion just doesn't have the same resonance. 

Today, it is all about the needles vs the hooks. 

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