Thursday, July 16, 2015

Save me from the math

I have been making nice progress on Celtic Sage shawl.  I am on the border, with the stockinette background, and was nearly ready to start the center lace motif.  That is when I started to doubt my original math.  I did some counting and measuring, and think that the end result will not be long enough.  So I recalculated, waited a week, then recalculated again, to the same result.  I need to add another half foot of the stockinette before I start the center motif.

So the good news is that I successfully (I hope) dodged a mistake before I made it.  The bad news is I have another 40+ rows before I get to where I thought I was two weeks ago. 

It is worth it, all the math.  The shawl is looking lovely. 
Meanwhile, I am still plugging away on the baby blanket.  I double checked the deadlines last night.  My sweetie's cousin is due in September.  The shower is some time in August.  I have several weeks, at least.  Then he dropped another little reminder: his other cousin's wife-to-be is pregnant too, due in December.  I had forgotten about that.  That leaves two to three months to make another set: car seat blankie and baby blankie.  A knitter's work is never done. 
Today, it is all about the added deadlines. 
P.S.  Before anyone asks: yes, I remembered to check and make sure I would have enough yarn before adding another 80 rows to the pattern. 

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