Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sticks before. . . . .Husbands

Mandy didn't make it to Knittervention last night.  Apparently, her husband had a rare evening off, and she preferred to spend the evening with him.  I get it, but I still had to tease her a little about here skewed priorities.  She obviously hasn't been married long enough. 

Still, we had a reasonable turnout, and it made for lively conversation and delightful knitting.  We had two people who were casting on something new.  One who was well into a baby blanket. 

And I was working on lace.  This was not the smartest move on my part.  The logical thing would have been to use that two hours to work on Mandy's baby blanket, in her absence.  Or something else that was not so time an attention consuming.  The second pint of cider was definitely a mistake. 

And yet, I was knitting lace.  Attention demanding, time consuming, under the influence of cider, and amid distractions of other knitters, I was working on lace.  A fresh page to the pattern, and without a lifeline, I was working on lace.  Sometimes, you have to knit where your whims take you. 

I haven't checked the half row that I completed last night to see if I was knitting crap or not. 

Today, it is all about the whims. 

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