Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to school

My baby boys started school this past week. Two adorably feisty boys headed off the first and third grade. They both dutifully remembered their first week job: they found out their teachers' favorite colors.  Purple and green. (Last year was green and purple, ironically enough.). 

That was when I realized that I had to start on Christmas Teacher Mitts. Is it that time of year already? The past twelve months I have been busy making baby baby blankets and last year's teacher's mitts. Now that I am 75% finished with ANOTHER baby blanket, it is time to start the teachers mitts again. Thank God I only have two children, or Christmas could get ugly. 

As it is, I still feel a little bit like I am knitting for others more than myself. When can I knit on my pretty lace shawls?  Mommmmm! It's not faaaaiiirrr! I want to knit for myself!

Hopefully, no one else I know will get pregnant. At least for a while. Christmas comes rather predictably, and my children will be in school for quite a while., so no hope for reprieve there. 

Today, it is all about the knitting selfishness. And that is only if you ignore the fact that my Sweetie's hoodie is six years in progress. 

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