Monday, August 29, 2016

Fourth time was the charm

Last week, while I was waiting on court, I cast on something new. (Yes, I probably do have a problem, which can be discussed in a later post.) Long-tail cast on, 166 stitches, shouldn't be too difficult, right? Famous last words. 

I ran out of tail at about 145 stitches. Yank out, pull out more tail. Take 2. 

I forget what the problem was with Take 2, except that I am pretty sure my tail was plenty long, and it was unrelated to the tail. 

Take 3. I ran out of tail at 120 stitches. Bloody hell! How did my tail get shorter? I started in exactly the same spot? Yank. By this time, my obvious distress and swearing at my knitting was leading to chuckles in the hallway. "You do this for relaxation, right?"

Take 4, I was finally about to successfully cast on 166 stitches. I recounted, and was able start Row 1. Only took a week. 

Today, it is all about the correlation between swearing and relaxation. 

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