Monday, July 3, 2017

In the Most Unexpected of Places

I have been making some placemats for the kitchen.  My kitchen was white with sage green accents(with black appliances), so I found a long color changing yarn that had a pale lime green that I was considering close enough.  Three placemats later, I was still not in love with the yarn, but it was sufficient. 

Then I noticed something gradually shifting in my kitchen.  My husband changed the color scheme.  It started with a new red toaster, then a couple bowls, then a few new hand towels. By the time he brought a red replacement statula, the jig was up.  My kitchen was now white, red and black.  I don't know how that happened, but obviously it was time to start making different placemats. 
I still liked the idea of a twisted yarn, but I couldn't decide between red and white twist (would it look like a candy cane?) or red and black (would it look too dark?).  I figured I would make my decision depending on what I came across first.  I tried the usual places, but nothing seemed to work. 
Then I tried Jo Ann Fabrics, of all places.  There, in a pile of neon orange, dull mousy brown and other mill ends, was the perfect yard.  A red, black and white twist!  Not Christmas-y at all!  Nine skeins at dirt cheap prices.  I felt like I had won the yarn lottery.  How often do you find the perfect yarn on clearance?                                                                                  I have started the first new placemat, though it will take a while before I have enough to use, much less a full set. 
Maybe the next house. 
Today, it is all about the hidden treasure. 

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