Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Remedy for the Soul-Sucking Court

The Child in Need of Services court can be a rough gig. The victories are few and far between, and the cases are heartbreaking. To be court appointed in these cases, you have to complete special training, and have already done the most serious type of trial (Termination of Parental Rights) at least as second chair. That is what I was supposed to be doing today. Someone was following me as second chair
 for the trial, and we were ready. She has reviewed the exhibits, and we selected a couple witnesses for her to cross examine. There was a procedural issue, so we had to continue it a few months out.

Since my morning was unexpectedly free, we hid away in an unused jury room, and I gave her a quick summary of common procedure for this court.  Among my general words of wisdom (I hope), I also pointed out my recipe for preserving mental health with repeated exposure in that court. 1.  Don't work harder in the case than your client. If your client doesn't do the work towards reunification, nothing I say or do will make a difference, and 2. I knit.

Knitting makes me patient, and calms me. It allows my mind to rest, and produces pretty things I can wear or gift to those I deem knitworthy.

When I pulled out my knitting tonight, I couldn't help feeling betrayed by knitting.

Can someone explain how I managed to break the yarn?

Knitting, thou art a faithless bitch.

Today, it is all about the betrayal.

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