Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just a different type of needle

Ah, blessed second trimester. The queasies are down to hardly ever, and is usually just a sign that I need to eat or have eaten too much. And my energy level close to back to normal. Last weekend, I caught up (nearly) on cleaning. This weekend, because I am not crazy enough to venture out into that Arctic Blast and 20 below wind chill factor, I am catching on on laundry and cleaning the last few neglected areas. (We do not talk about the shower lately, but today, it will sparkle.)

My sleep cycle is completely screwed up, but that has nothing to do with the little one. That is because of my fourth deadbeat tenant in a row. I am still in the process of suing the last two, and now and facing another eviction. What makes people think that they have the right to live in a place, and not pay for it? Do they think that I am wealthy and can support their family as well as my own? Guess what, I am not! Yesterday was the cherry on the sundae. She lied to me. She out and out lied to me. Did you call today to have the gas transferred into your name? (We won't mention that it should have been done two months ago, and that she has already said she was going to three times in the past month.) Yes, I did. I called today. Really? Because according to the gas company, you didn't; you better, or it is going to get very cold inside the house. That was my last ounce of patience. The final straw! The rent is late (allegedly in the mail), and it is only the third month. I hope they don't mind moving, because they are going to be again as soon as I can get their deadbeat butts out of there! Worrying about this is keeping me awake at night, and I just don't need it. I am ready to just sell the house, and i don't care if I take a loss on it. I just want out! No wonder this little town has hardly any houses for rent, landlords who try to provide reasonable-cost housing are driven to their knees in a couple short years.

I'm sorry. I feel better after venting.

I have been working the needle lately, just not a knitting needle. I have been busy stitching receiving blankets. Well, blanket, singular, so far. I am on my first, but it is half finished. I have four more folded pieces of flannel waiting on me. I know, it isn't knitting, but it is the first time I have had energy to do anything craft related in months, so I am excited. I am even back to reading my blogs of worth. Makes me feel like life is back to normal a little.

Today, it is all about venting back to needledom.

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