Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Men just don't understand

My husband this morning: "You sound excited. You are acting like this is a race or something."

Excuse me, this is FAR more exciting than a Nascar race. Those happen all the time. There are, like, 40 Nascar races that are fully televised every year. There is one ever year within a 75 mile radius of our home: The Brickyard 400. There are actually THREE races per year near home, if you count the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400, and the Grand Prix.

The Harlot, on the other hand, has not yet come to Indiana. (That I know about, at least.) This is a rare event, and worthy of excitement far exceeding that of cars going in circles really fast. And if he calls knitters crazy one more time, I am going to pummel him.

Please forgive him. It takes more than a year to properly train a Muggle Husband.

Today, it is all about the excitement.

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