Friday, November 14, 2008

Any excuse

I was at a continuing education seminar this week. More interesting than most, if you forget about the presenter that simply read the power point parts to us, which were provided in our materials anyway. There was one unique section. They talked about ways to avoid attorney burnout. She instructed us to talk to our neighbor of things we do for mental health, or things we used to do and should really start again. I took that as a cue to take out my knitting. I normally don't knit during live seminars, no matter how mind-numbing, just because I think it is rude. (Even though simple knitting can actually focus the mind, which is completely under-rated in the muggle world.) After the neighborly discussion, she went around the room with the mike to share with the room (and I am certain that portion will be very stimulating for the video replay people), and my response was "I am doing it right now." Which I feel gave me free reign to knit for the rest of the seminar.

Finally! Some measurably progress on my sock! I had been only a few rows past the ribbing forever. I have been knitting a little on everything, so no single project looks like it is any further than before. I needed to be trapped with one project for an endless period of time, at least it seemed endless.
Here is the little guy modeling Mommy's sock. Does anyone else think it looks like a sleeve for him?
Today, it is all about the mental health.

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