Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby's First Halloween

Ok, so maybe the little guy is too small to understand the concept or even think about eating candy, we still took him trick-or-treating at the mall. Thanks to an unusually warm evening, the cozy, thick originally-planned bumblebee costume had to be scrapped. Instead, we dressed him in one of his Colts onesies, and he became their littliest fans. Mommy and Daddy both wore Colts jerseys as well.

I have also been hard at work on the endless mindless hoodie. One skien done, four (maybe five) to go! Mommy, I think it will be a long time before I grow into this.

Meanwhile, I have been having a love affair with lace. I drool over whispy pictures on the internet, dream of yarn overs, and my eyes glaze over intricate charts and graphs. My next project is calling to me. The yarn is sitting there, mocking me with its delicate softness. The needles are resting nearby. The pattern is selected, downloaded, reviewed, and ready to start. All the pieces are in place. . . .and yet, I haven't started. Why, you ask? Because I know if I don't finish my first lace project, Branching Out, first, I never will. It will be like the first neglected sock that never gets a mate. So instead, I have been working on Branching Out, only slightly resentful that it is not the new lace that I really want to be working on.
Today, it is all about the anticipation.

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