Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turning the corner. . . .

. . . . and walking right into the math wall. Owing to grandma's aforementioned full-figured feet, these socks are larger than your average, and considering my lack of heel flapping and turning for a number of years, I find myself having to THINK about my heeling. I tried to think of the math myself, then throught that method had too high a margin of error. I have slow enough progress on these socks without doing some parts multiple times. So I tried finding a sock with the same amount of cast on stitches.

Success! Oh, wait, the random sock pattern has 44 stitches, and I have 44 on each side for a total of 88 stitches around. Ok, if I just double all the turning heel directions, I should be OK, right? Right? That is still math, but I feel has increased likelihood of success than me doing it all.

Turn, baby, turn!

Who knew that Sister Anna Marie would be right and I really WOULD need math as a grown up?

Today it is all about turning.

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