Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mindless updates

Hospital knitting went fine, both the knitting part and the hospital part. The little tyke handled himself fine (aside from understandably impatient cries because he was hungry and couldn't be fed before anesthesia). Mommy and Daddy also handled ourselves fine, with minimum tears (Mommy) and impatience (Daddy.)

And the knitting was accepably captivatingly mindless. It had been so long, I was enjoying the project, but row after row of garter stitch is, well, mindless. I have kept the Merry Berry Shawl around for the occassional break from Grandma's socks, and have now remembered why I got a little bored with it.
Hundreds of tiny little stitches. Over two hundred and increasing. Of garter stitch. I used a smaller guage than the pattern specified (they were obviously smarter than I, and knew that the thicker the yarn for endless garter the better), so I have no doubt that I will end up with more than the 399 stitches listed in the pattern. There is no way I am halfway through it.

Then there is the slightly ruffled border. More increases. I don't think that I can count that high.

Today, it is all about the numbers

P.S. Grandma's socks are still progressing. Around halfway through the foot and still at it.

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