Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The family taketh away, and the family giveth

Last night we had a little mishap. Bugaboo was doing something with a laundry basket and somehow fell and hit his head. I picked him up to comfort him, and saw the blood on my hand. Ok, deep breath. Don't panic. Forget that there is a very good reason that I never went to medical school, and let the Mommy training kick in. I spoke in soothing tones and cleaned a little of the blood that was dripping down his neck, onto his shirt, and onto my shirt.

The bleeding stopped within a minute or two. It took longer for my heartrate and breathing to return to normal. It took considerably longer to give him a bath to clean the blood, and try to look at the cut through that thick hair to ascertain whether or not stitches would be necessary. And even longer still to get him tucked into bed, with him milking the attention for all it was worth to delay bedtime.

So much for knitting last night.

But my sweetie, ever considerate of my knitting time (rolling eyes), created some for me this morning. He stubbed his toe getting out of bed this morning, and it was immediately obvious that he wasn't going to be able to walk it off. To quote the nurse that did the xray, he "did a number on his toe." Visibly broken and out of place. We decided to wait the couple hours to go to Urgent Care instead of the ER. Since I was now wide awake at 5 am, I did the things that I was supposed to do before the medical emergency last night, and was free to knit at Urgent Care. I will also be free to knit when I take him to the Ortho department in another hour, while they straighten that toe back into place and tape it in. Which leaves us all wondering how long it will take before he will be able to put his foot in a steel toe boot and go to work.

How thoughtful of my sweetie, to find a way for me to spend part of the day knitting instead of caring for children, doing laundry or working.

And while we are on the subject, why does one tiny little addition to the family increase the laundry exponentially? I am keeping track this month. 22 loads so far and counting. Yes, I started out October 1st with a weeks worth of vacation laundry piled up, but that is still far more than I would have expected. Now, excuse me, while I fold some clothes and start another load.

Today, it is all about the unexpected.

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