Friday, October 22, 2010

Making knitting out if boredom

Continuing education Wednesday and today. Video replay. What a wonderful thing. It means that I don't have to trek 150 miles (round trip) for the live seminar. Plus, the mood is far more casual. People don't feel the need to feign interest during the more boring and useless parts. (Travel and cruise law? In my twelve years as an attorney, I have never had a cruise law issue. Who picks these topics?)

A little work, a little knitting, and we can skip the breaks and lunch to get done two hours faster. The proctor did decline the suggestion to view on fast forward, perhaps rightly so.

So I have been cranking out the sock inches. Twisted Tweed is nearing the heel. Probably close to the inch away that I thought I was at last weekend.

Plus, I did a little work on . . . . my red sock. Have I not named it yet? I am halfway done with the first sock. How have I not come up with its name yet? I will have to give that some thought.

As it turns out, if you lease a property at below market value to a religious organization, then there is a charitable purpose and you are entitled to a property tax exemption; if you lease property for below market value only because you are receiving government subsidies to off er low-income housing, then there is not a charitable purpose and you are not entitled to a property tax exemption. Welcome to my day.

Today, it is all about the learning.

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