Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lost Notes

Today, I was tidying a little around the bedroom, and I found underneath my jewelry box some yarn notes. I had forgotten all about that yarn trip.

Well, that is what I call the day. I went out to to the "big city" for a wedding shower in September, and while out and about there, we passed by a yarn store. My sweetie was willing to indulge me in stopping.

Whew! I have never seen such a store. The yarns were so exquisite and exotic, I was afraid to even pet the yarn. And expensive! Quivit, cashmere, crystals, oh my! I just can't imagine paying over $ 100 for a single skein of yarn, no matter what I would knit with it. Even the clearnance racks were well beyond my yarn budget. I had an eye out for some interesting sock yarn to purchase, and I still walked out empty handed.

My sweetie wanted to stop at some sporting goods store (probably why he was so agreeable to the yarn store stop), and right next door was a Joann fabric. A huge Joann fabric store. What a smart store combination. Men to the left, women to the right, and we will meet in the parking lot between them.

I found more interesting, affordable and droolworthy yarns at JoAnns than I did at the pricey yarn store. I jotted down a few notes, figuring maybe we could go back to the big city again in a few months. Those are the notes that I found this morning.

I just have one more problem. I still have more yarn than time to knit it. But that is getting a little better.

Today, it is all about the dream yarns, both affordable and expensive.

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