Friday, December 13, 2013

And that is why I am not an accountant

I always scan my last post before starting a new one.  This time, I realized that there were a shocking number of mathematical errors: with the feet/inches of knitting to complete, with the average inches per day to achieve completion, and even with the number of days until Christmas.

I could try to blame sleep deprivation, multitasking of the mind, or any other number of things.  I might have gotten away with it too, if I hadn't screwed up the day count until Christmas.  I have young children.  They parrot to me multiple times a day how many sleeps til Christmas.  I really have no excuse.

So here are the correct numbers, reviewed for accuracy by the local university geek math department.

Spring Haven:  4 feet completed.  2 feet to go.  Or until I run out of yarn, whichever happens first.

Un-named blue scarf for my mother: 32 inches completed.  3 feet 4 inches to go.  Or until I run out of yarn, whichever happens first.

Number of days until Christmas:  12

Average inches needed per day to finish in time: 5.3

Equally unattainable as 10 inches per day, but now I can sleep at night knowing that I have accurately calculated the extent to which I am totally screwed on my Christmas knitting.

Today, it is all about the accuracy of screwed-ness.

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