Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh, you noticed the needles?

Two of out three Christmas gifts were completed in time.  My mother's scarf was not, unsurprisingly.  I wrapped it up anyway, but my mother did notice the ball of yarn and needles at the bottom of the box. Can't put anything past her!  Aside from its unfinished stated, she did love the scarf, and I took it back to finish posthaste.

Christmas Eve, Mom was at the in-law celebration, so I couldn't work on her scarf, and I was craving some serious instant knitting gratification.  Every year the LYS does a stash swap.  A gift exchange of goodies from our stash.  My giftings were four balls of Lion Brand Thick and Quick.  Not my usual cup of tea, but it does have its place.  And it fell into place for Christmas Eve.  I started a scarf for charity, and had it finished by the 26th.  After months of lace mania, it was reassuring to see instant scarf.  Just add needles and a few hours!

Today, it is all about the instant.  

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