Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emergency Flotation Device

I discovered the way to get applause at Knittervention:  Show off my lifejacket yarn.  A tiny little packet of fuchsia mohair.  An alarmingly little packet.

I had about 9 inches of edge, and was determined to finish that night.  Fast forward one pint of cider and two hours.  In spite of my focus and concentration, I finished about half that amount.

Apparently, I overestimated my knitting speed.   On them plus side, I am reasonably confident that I will have enough yarn.

In other news, in celebration of the New Year, I have started something new.  Something lace, something purple, something alpaca.  After the endless cast on of 363 stitches, (we won't mention how many re-counts this required), I successfully completed the first pattern row, and the second purl row.  I started row 3, and that is where the wheels fell off the wagon.

I was short one stitch at the end.  I knew I should have placed markers surrounding each pattern repeat.  It is just there are 29 repeats, and that is a lot of markers, and it isn't that difficult of a repeat, and. .  . I knew I should have placed markers.

I managed to locate WHERE my mistake took place.  I have not yet identified WHAT my mistake was.   I have marked the spot with a safety pin.  Any hope to interpret the "what" is probably best done with sober sunlight.

Tonight, it is all about the new.  Happy 2014!

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