Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Worn to a Nupp

It was quite the exciting evening of British TV Sunday night. Downton Abbey first, which is very conducive to knitting. I finally finished Row 7 on Purple Annis. As Highclare castle faded into the background, I completed the last few YO's and K2tog's.

Next was the long-awaited Sherlock. I thought I might be able to work on the simpler purl row.  I was wrong. So wrong. So, so wrong. I must have forgotten how knitting is impossible with the first viewing of Sherlock. In two hours, I purled 14 stitches. The last 6 of which we're wrong. (I had forgotten about the nupp.).   So I tinked back (OK, technically lruped), then purled 7 together. Whose bright idea was it to purl 7 together? I understand that back in the day, a nupp was a telltale sign that lace knitting in Estonia was hand-knit and not machine-made. Because no self-respecting machine would even try to purl 7 bloody stitches together.

But, I digress. 14 stitches were completed, 7 of them together, and that was all. As I said, Sherlock is not knit-friendly. There is too much going on the screen.  In fact, I am not even sure that a person could blink without missing something.

I didn't miss the knitting. I was so looking forward to the episode, I was afraid it couldn't possibly live up to my expectations. I was wrong. So wrong. 90 minutes of deductive brilliance. I laughed, I smiled, I slapped myself on the forehead of the obvious simplicity of how Sherlock survived (I had 90% of it figured out! only missed two details). I loved every minute of it.

Today, it is all about the Benedict Cumberbatch fantasies that are even better than knitting. (Shhhh, don't tell my sweetie.)

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