Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All Snuggled In

There is only a chain link fencce between Indiana and Canada, and the past two days, someone left it open.  It has been beyond cold.  Wicked cold.  Close your doors and windows, bundle in sweats, and pray to Good to have mercy on your soul kind of cold.

The past two days, it has been a high of -14.  That is actual teperatures.  The wind chill factor has been -40.  For two days, we have been locked in the house.  My sweetie has gone out a few times to start our vehicles, but otherwise, none of us has braved the frigid cold.

If I were a single girl, this would have been a prime nesting weekend.  Snuggle under a quilt, knit, and watch chick flicks all weekend.  If I were a newlywed/non-mommy married, there would have been a different sort of snuggling.  As it was, I was trying to keeep two small children and one husband entertained, fed, and cabin-fever prevention.

As  it was, I was able to squeeze in a few lines on my sweet little slice of alpaca heaven.  The Annis shawl.  I would attach a picture and insert the Ravelry link, but I am posting from the new IPad mini that Santa brought, and I have not learned how to do either.

Next time.  As for now, it is a balmy 9 degrees outside, and  everyone will be going back to work in the morning.

Today, it is all about the new technology.

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