Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Mother Nature has been taking out her brutal streak on the US recently.  For most of the month of January, we have battled sub-zero temperatures.  I have lived in Indiana for nearly 20 years, and I can't remember such a winter with such mind-numbing, energy-sucking, limbs freezing, frigid cold.  Must be that global warming thing.

It reached a high of 12 degrees today.  That was an improvement over the negative 6 that it was when I left this morning.

This weather sucks all the energy and cheerfulness out of a girl.  This weather makes me want to hide at home, under a thick blanket, and drink red wine and eat chocolate.   It is almost too cold to knit!

Almost.  I did brave the frozen tundra  and cross the river to Knitter-vention last night.  I spent the evening complaining about my sweetie (who is not exactly in my good graces these days) and nupp-ing.  I still dread each time I approach another purl seven together, but I do think that I am getting the hang of it.  Each one only took a few times, and there was considerably less swearing.  I have realized that lots of tension is the key, when you are pulling the wrap through the small tunnel of stitches.  I have two more rows of the lace pattern, then start the stockinette shaping to finish the shawlette, hopefully to finish in time for spring.

Spring feels a very long way away.  This isn't right.  Someone wake me when winter ends.

Today, it is all about the winter pessimism.

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