Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good things come in small packages

My yarn arrived.  Thanks baby brother!

Part of the delay wasn't his fault.  Apparently, a little notice was dropped in my mailbox a couple weeks ago alerting me to its arrival.  I have quizzed the man and two half men that live in my house, and all have given me a blank stare and blanket denial.  This mystery may never be solved, and I am closing my file.

Meanwhile, I am reveling in my rescue yarn.  It isn't very much, probably only an ounce or two.  Yards that are measured in the double digits, and low ones at that. If I remember correctly, I had nine inches of edge left to do.  Each row takes one foot of yarn.  Sixteen rows to the repeat.  Each repeat produces 2 1/2 inches, plus extra on the corner.  Figure another 80 to 100 feet of yarn needed. . .

Wait, was it 9 inches of edge left, or 9 feet or yarn before I admitted defeat.  Bloody hell.  I will have to check at home.  After Christmas.

Only six more knitting day til Christmas.

Today, it is all about the tiny lifesaver.

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