Friday, July 25, 2014

Can't measure THAT in public

This halter top is challenging me in new ways of trying on as I go. I literally have to go topless to make sure that all the lines and edges cover what they should. So far, it shows a wee bit more upper chest than expected, but not so much that I will be mistaken for Mylie Cyrus.

I am loving the pattern, but I am already thinking about changes to make for a second time.  Maybe I should finish the first one first.  .  .  The number of neglected WIP's is shocking enough, without adding sequels.

So, I have finished the front of the bodice, and starting wrapping around the sides to the back. One side nearly completed, so I have started in on the other side, to keep them roughly equal, til they meet at the back.

Today, it is all about meeting in the middle.

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