Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something used, something new

The pretty cotton tank has started again, in different incarnation. A new pattern, slightly more skimpy, which translates to less yarn. And top down, so I can knit til I run out of yarn, and hope that I have enough to cover the motherhood belly wrinkles.

So far, after a whole day of knitting, I am loving The Ribbed Halter. I am implementing the modifications suggested by Svetlana, to make the design a bit more modest. I mean, I am a forty-something mother of two. The twins had a job to do, and sacrificed their perkiness in the process. They have earned the right for a bit more coverage than decades past.

I am going to be closely monitoring the shaping as I go. Every few rows, I am holding the knitting up to my body. I feel like there is no margin for error this time, in size, shape or support.

I am using something used to start my something new. Last year, at my LYS garage sale, I bought some bamboo circular needles. I have always used metal needles. I like the cool feel, the metallic clickety click, the slick-ness, and the durability. I used to to have a tight grip while knitting, and I was always concerned about snapping needles.

So far, after the afore-mentioned one day of knitting, I am liking the bamboo.  Size 5's are thick enough to avoid snapping, and this particular yarn prefers the slight drag on the needles. So that was $2 we'll spent, but now I want more bamboo, in more sizes. Sigh.

My sweetie asked me tonight why I was starting new things, when I have so many old things unfinished. Um . . . Like his mittens, in progress for two years. And his sweater, in progress for five years. Um . . .

I don't have too many projects. I don't have enough knitting time.  (She says, purposefully ignoring that she has started three new projects in the past month.

Today, it is all about the old and the new.

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