Thursday, July 31, 2014

The first step is admitting that you have a problem

At Knittervention on Monday, we were talking about projects in progress, and one person pointed out that I have a lot of knitting for special places: briefcase knitting, desk knitting, etc. one apparently all too observant person pointed out how much knitting is in my desk at work. Is three projects too many within arms reach of my desk chair?

So this got me thinking about my WIP's . . .and I have decided to bare all.  I have decided to list my WIP's in a public forum. All of them. No matter how long neglected. (Deep breath. ) here goes:

1. Cotton halter. Still unnamed. Recent, good progress, no issues. Yea!

2.  Colorwork mittens. Also still unnamed. Neglected past couple weeks, but still progressing reasonably well.

3. Placemat. Mindless by nature, so limited to practically brain dead knitting times. (Why waste alert knitting times on something brainless, especially something that will eventually have chocolate milk stains?)

4.  Swirl skirt. Recently frogged, and not yet re-started.

5. Celtic Sage. Neglected for the past month, possibly longer. There is a problem that I need to get passed, and I know I can, I just haven't yet.

6. Shuturgal socks. Neglected for a least six months, possibly longer. Ever since I discovered lace, I have abandoned sock knitting. For no good reason, really. I used to love socks. I loved knitting them; I loved wearing them. There should be room in my knitting life for socks and lace.

7.  Charity socks. They have been in my briefcase for a while. I take them out once in a while, but realistically, I average a few rows per week. If that. This will take a while at that pace.

8.  Burgundy charity scarf. Started a few months ago. It sits on my desk. A do a few rows here and there, mostly when listening to voicemail or on hold. Really, a few concentrated hours would see this one finished.

9.  Laughing bird scarf. Also sitting on my desk at the office. Neglected for months. Warm weather simply does not encourage scarf knitting.

10. (Oh my! Double digits, and I am not near done.). Black rose. Neglected at least a year. There was a problem, and I am afraid that I might need to rip back to my lifeline. That IS what lifelines are for, but it is a huge hassle. A year's delay doesn't help, but there it is.

11. Big Purple. That afghan for my Mother-in-law. It is big, or will be, if I can get past the first foot.  Aphgans are just so big, even on size 10 needles.

12. Hunting mittens. Since I finished two fraternal kittens, and had to make another pair that matches the first is I have two identical pairs, I should get some credit here.

13.  Invisibility cloak. One inch completed. Neglected at least six months. Moving on.

14.  Sea foam wrap. Something I started years ago, before I knew what real shawls were. The only reason to finish would be to finish. I would probably donate to charity, as I have further interest in either the yarn or the shawl.

15.  Cool work pillow. This was primarily started to learn color work. I have got the basics down, but I am only a few inches in the first pillow out of a set of two.

16.  My sweetie's hoodie. Oh, god, his hoodie. Neglected for years. Really, my sweetie deserves  better.

Oh, maybe this was a bad idea. But I was at a yarn store, and successfully resisted the temptation to buy more yarn. I mean, this exhibition was only about. the works in progress. It doesn't even count the stash.

I really have to finish a few of these before starting anything new.

Today it is all about the exhibitionism and resolutions.

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