Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Bad Day Turns Good

Yesterday wasn't REALLY a bad day. Not for me, at least. (Can't speak for my client.). I had a full-day Termination of Parental Rights trial. It was a long day. And a high stress day. But it ended with new yarn, and that is s good way to end any day. 

New, luscious, super soft and silky yarn. In fact, one of them was half silk. My fingers are just itching to pull out the needles and start knitting. Except that I already have soooo many things I am working on. If I get above 20 works in progress again, it will really get embarrassing. 

Maybe. I mean, is someone going to report me to the knitting police? Is there some sort of project maximum law of which I am not aware? Aren't I just doing my part to help the economy?

Someone stop me. Soon. Before I start another shawl. 

Today, is it is all about the new. 

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