Friday, April 13, 2007

The Joy of Sox

Finished! The Secret Wedding Socks are finished, with a week to spare. Whew! I hope he has happy feet.

So now I can get back to a normal knitting frame of mind. I am not used to deadline knitting.

I was working on the heel of my Trekking socks. A few beers later, I think I made a mistake, and decided to put it on hold until more sober and alert eyes to solve the problem. Still loving this yarn, and the navy reinforcment thread meshes nicely with it.

So now the big decision. . . . what knitting do I take on the honeymoon. The Trekking socks of course, but I sure can't just take one project. . . . Hmmmm.

8 days and counting to the big day. The extended forecast is finally returning to spring weather, sunny and warmer. I am holding the weathergirl to that! (Usually weather forecasters lie worse than lawyers, politicians and used car salesman combined.)

Today, it is all about the finished sox, er, socks.

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