Sunday, April 15, 2007


This morning, we mourn the passing of . . . .my washing machine. Well, my sweeties really, since I moved into his house, and left my appliances in mine for the new tenant. Still, as we unite legally next Saturday, I already consider it my washer. The washer succumbed, after a brief leaking illness, to smoke and noisy motor parts. The washer is survived by its sibling, dryer, and by the 9 towels that were needed to mop up the watery blood.

Fortunately, washer had completed its final necessary honeymoon load when it turned it's last. He will be missed.

Services to be announced, though will likely be after the wedding and honeymoon. Donations will be accepted in lieu of flowers at the local Lowes.

Today, it is all about the flooding water.

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