Sunday, May 13, 2007

Garage knitting

My sweetie and I had a garage sale this weekend. So while manning our wares, I was busy knitting. I have to admit, I don't think I have ever knit in a garage before. I was working on my second trekking sock, and a new sock I have started for my mother-in-law. Not to be finished by Mother's Day, of course, a "just because" sock. (Though, now it occurrs to me that I have never knitted a sock for my own mother, so maybe I should start one for her as well, so they can at least be in progress at the same time.) Anyway, the MIL sock is in Opal, something I bought years ago. I am a little frustrated that I am only 1/2 stitch in 4 inches off guage, so of course, the pattern only works part of the time. Note to self: never bother buying a complicated jaqcard patterning yarn again.

Not as frustrating as the necessity of selling some of my stash in the garage sale of course. My craft room is now down to more of a craft corner, so some things had to go. I hade a whole table filled with sewing patterns, yarn, cross-stitch leaflets, pillow forms, and so on. I watched in horror as one by one, things disappeared for a fraction of the original cost. I was, however, comforted by the fact that I still have a LOT left, and it now leaves more time and attention for the remaining cream of my stash.

In addition to picking up my cross-stitch again, I have started sewing clothes again. I dug out a skirt in progress, and started working on it again. I had stopped before with the lining, because working a sewing pattern twice is ten times worse than a second sock. So now the lining and the skirt match, and all is left is the waistband and hem. In pawing through my patterns to decide which ones to sell, I found so many lovely ones that I can't wait to make, most of which I already have material that would suit.

In closing, in addition to my own and my in-law, happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. We had joked that it would have been nice to gift our mothers with a grandbaby on the way, but we have only been married three weeks, and we are still practicing.

Today it is all about the mothers.

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