Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dark tunnel

Oh, things look dark right now. Grim. Ominous. I am too near the beginning of too many long, dark, seemingly endless tunnels.

This is a shed. Well, it will be a shed. My sweetie and I just brought this very large (and heavy, I assure you) stack of wood home this past weekend. (Thanks again Mom!) My sweetie and I have decided that the two car garage is no longer big enough for two motorcycles, two bicycles, power tools, and yard equipment, so we are building a shed in the back yard. Well, he is, I am helping by fetching, carrying, and feeding any random slaves, er, volunteer helpers, that show up.

This week, however, our garage is plenty big enough. BOTH motorcycles are in the shop right now. Mine was planned, and will be hope hopefully before the weekend. Then while I was driving home from the office, I happened to notice my sweetie, in a parking lot, staring at his bike with a dark expression. Two more phone calls later, the Harley store was picking up the bike. Who knew they did rescue work? So now we have two repair bills instead of one, and I have to figure out how to pay for it all. Mabe we can just give up eating this month.

Even my knitting seems a bit of a mess these days. That indistinct mess is four socks and one shawl in progress. Three out of four socks are the second half, so maybe the knitting tunnel isn't as long as I first perceived. For the moment, I should finish getting ready this morning, grap a random sock, and head to the office. Every tunnel has an end, you just have to take enough steps, even small ones.

Today, it is all about the small steps.

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