Tuesday, May 8, 2007

THOSE knitters

You know the type I mean. They, in addition to everything else they do in a day, they knit an extraordinary amount of yarn. They finish a pair of socks in a week. They finish a sweater in a month. You see them starting an incredbly intricate lace shawl one week, and in a New York minute, it is finished. They buy yarn one week, and are sporting the new finished object the next. You know who you are. And my questions to all of you. . . Where do you find the time to knit so much? Do you not sleep? Do you needles spontaneously combust from the speed of your knitting?

I, on the other hand, have the same two pairs of socks that I have been working on the past month. (Four if you count the two that have been languishing in my basket for over a year.) And we won't even talk about the sweater that just needs sleeves, and the uncountable UFOs in there too. My stash is starting to take on a room of its own, and yet, I am disenchanted with half the yarn in there.

So in defiance of all of THOSE knitters out there, I chose to work on this today.

Today, it is all about the protest.

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