Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knitting is normal. Really.

I noticed this weekend that the non-knitting muggles that I come into contact with on a regular basis no longer raise their eyebrows when I knit around them. At the American Legion, I am asked where my sock is. (I was working on my wrap, but proudly showed the sock in my bag, "just in case." At Nascar Club, a female member oooos and ahhhhs over how soft my mohair is. I hear "I have always wanted to learn that" more and more.

This just goes to show that knitting becomes less unusual the more often the muggles see it in public, even if it is just the same person over and over. They can be converted to accepting us without question, even if they all won't join us. Knitters of the world, unite! We can indeed take over the world!

Meanwhile, I have to decide what knitting to take with me to the Indy Irish fest this weekend. My favorite Irish band from California is deigning to come to the midwest to play. :-) Something mindless and compact. Hmmm, I hate to say it, but as usual, a sock just seems to fit the bill. (Sheepish grin.)

And I am still waiting for my ravelry invite. I am only checking the waiting list once a day, which I understand is quite restrained of me, judging by the comments on their news blog. Just under 3,000 ahead of me in line, which should get knocked out quickly as their new servers finally went online today. Over two months of waiting, I can't wait to join! I see a long queue list in my future, a lot of wasted time, and unfinished work piling up on my desk.

The bike is still untouched in the garage. My sweetie hasn't had a chance to rearrange everything on the handlebars that got whacked out of place with my inadvertant and abrupt connection with the ground. He has been hard at work on the shed, of course. It got the second coat of paint, which makes it photograph exactly like it did after the first, but I understand that is still progress. And he has been purchasing lots of things from Lowes, so I am sure that the shed is poised for more progress.

Today it is all about the conversion.

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