Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reveling in Ravelry

Home sweet home. Mom is nearly moved. The goal this weekend was to move everything that couldn't fit into her car and needed the rented truck, or that had to be moved by my husband, aka "the muscle". God bless him. He was such a sport spending four days helping Mom move a mere five months after marrying into the family. .

I am (almost) grateful for the Nascar race and the semi-sober men that have descended upon my home to watch it this afternoon, now that we are home. While they cuss, swear and drink beer, I have been quietly scoping out the new world of Ravelry. Can I just say now that Casey and Jess are geniuses who should go down in the Top 100 Knitting Inventors of all Time? I hope that they are able to turn this into a money-making venture, because they deserve all the success they receive from this idea. What a way to gather knitters from across the globe to share resources!

Ok, I am done reveling, in public, at least. Excuse me while I explore further the wonders of ravelry.

Today, it is all about the exploration.

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