Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Murphy's Calendar

Murphy's Law strikes at me again. After two months of patiently (though I use the term loosely) waiting for my Ravelry invite, checking the list daily, keeping a log of the waiting list progress (ok, I am a little embarassed to admit that one, and probably kicks me out of the "patient" category), I am down to #342 on the waiting list. This should be cause for great glee and cartwheels. (If a mid-30's woman can still do them.)

Did I mention that in only a few hours, my husband and I leave to spend a few days moving my mother? That she has excruciatingly slow dial-up (I can show you the Top Ten List of Things to Do While Waiting on Mom's Dial-Up to anyone who says "pretty please")? That her computer is already packed into large boxes? That I will be too busy carrying boxes and supervising movers to get on the Internet anyway?

Is this some cruel form of medieval torture?!?! Give me something just as I am unable to play with it? [Insert stream of incoherant expletives here.]

My only hope is that Jess and Casey are really on the ball and knock out the last few hundred people, like now, and I can enjoy it for a few hours before heading out. Of course, I wouldn't get any of that pesky work thing done, but that is a small price to pay, in my humble opinion. My clients may disagree, but they don't knit.

Today it is all about the frustration.

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