Friday, March 6, 2009


I did my first lace blocking the other day. Actually, my first attempt at blocking anything, lace or otherwise. It wasn't so bad. The two inch by four inch test strip. I imagine it would be harder to block an entire wrap, and I know my day of reckoning is coming.

Don't bother looking for any kind of pattern in the swatch. I had forgotten the chart, and tried to knit from memory. That endeavor was quickly abandoned, and I sort of just knit and yarnover'ed randomly. I really just wanted to see about the size. Of course, it probably would have helped if I had measured the test strip BEFORE I blocked it. I can measure it now, but that tells me very little about how much (or little) it grew with washing.

In the end, I guess I will go ahead and knit the Celtic Stole as originally intended, and will just accept the possibility that it may end up being a Celtic Scarf.

And while we are on the topic of things I don't know, can anyone explain to me why I got home late from work only to be yelled at by my husband because he had to watch our son for a few hours on his day off (his mother was here most of the day taking care of the little tyke) and how my actions meant that he was forced to play the computer for an hour to recover and certainly didn't feel like grilling the hotdogs that I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get for him special because he asked me to? I am not following his logic, and wonder under what sort of mental deficiency I am suffering. I was also accused of coming home later when he or his mother is watching little Boogaboo, as compared to when my mother is watching him. He is going to start keeping track. We apologize for this interruption, and now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting blog.

Today, is all about the blockheads, all of them.

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