Friday, March 13, 2009

Is it here yet?

I am waiting on pins and needles (pun intended) for my new yarn. I ordered some yarn from KnitPicks with my birthday money. Sock yarn. And for the first time, I kept in mind my wardrobe as I chose the colors. I think I will have at least one article of clothing to match each colorway.

I realize that some of you may be wondering why I am so silly excited about some rather plain jane sock yarn. But you don't understand. I have been on a yarn diet forever. Since the beginning of time. Or at least since the beginning of my marriage. In part because of money, and in part because I just didn't need it. (Pause for the sounds of shock and the frenzieed insistence that one ALWAYS needs more sock yarn.) During most of my pregnancy, I hardly knit at all, and married mommy me just doesn't have the down time (or energy) to knit like I used to. (See previous entry about how many things that we in progress two years ago are still in progress. And there weren't very many things that have been started and finished duriung that time either.)

The only yarn I remember buying in the last two years was the cheapie stuff I bought for my sweetie's hoodie, that that doesn't really count.

So, I checked on the status of my new yarn. Damn! Not even shipped yet. Ok, I guess I did order it only two days ago. I

I also received a birthday gift certificate foy my lys. I have definite plans for that baby,

Today, it is all about the acquisition.

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