Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finished Object!

It just isn't knitted. My sweetie finished the bathroom floor. The ceramic tile looks lovely, and we will have plenty to do the other bathroom, with a few boxes of tile to spare. Sure is cold on the feet during the Indiana winters!

My sweetie went to his mother's hosue Saturday afternoon, to tinker on her computer a bit, and took the baby with him. I had my choice of going along as well, or enjoying a baby-free afternoon. Guess which option I chose? I am so infrequently without the baby for any length of time, except at work. I went to sock club, played on the computer, and knit quietly on the living room sofa. It was wonderful.

I was knitting an oldie but a goodie. Pomotomus. In the last several days, I have finished the leg, turned the heel, and am halfway through decreasing the gussets. I am passed the halfway mark on the second sock, and it is all downhill from here. I felt a little embarassed when it was mentioned at sock club how long I have been working on these socks. Um, over two years now. Sheepish blush. Keep walking, nothing to see here.

I guess my feet are cold in more ways than one these days.

Today, it is all about the frigid feet.

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