Friday, August 9, 2013

Comfort Knitting

Usually knitting is my calorie-free comfort food from the stress and trials of daily life.  These days, it feels like I need another sort of comfort from my knitting.

After the crash and burn of the pink ruffle scarf, I needed worry-free, familiar, surely-nothing-will-go-wrong sort of knitting.   I have a new charity child's sock in my briefcase.  I have finished a few rows on Big Purple, the giant endless aphgan for my mother in law.  I have worked on the cuffs of my Sweetie's hunting mittens, though, since these are the second set to match the fraternal twin (as opposed to identical twin) first set, that is of dubious worry reducing value. 

I have not re-started the pink ruffle scarf yet.  I plan to, and I know what I am going to do different, I just haven't started doing the different yet.

I have not even touched Fuchsia Wave, as the potential for yarn shortage so close after throwing away yarn could drive me right over the edge.

My oldest son, Bugaboo is starting school next week.  I am the mother of a kindergartener.  For the first time, I am in the rush of back to school shopping, coordinating and planning.  Dress codes, school clothes, handbooks, oh my!  Doodlebug starts pre-school in two weeks, so I fund myself with the a new supplies list as soon as I completed the first supplies list.

I would say that I look forward to the relative calm of the office, except that it is custody season, so I have the flurry of battles and court that all seem to be scheduled for the next two weeks.

Today it is all about the need for comfort.   

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