Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will you have enough yarn?

That was the question of the evening at Knittervention last night?  For me, at least.

It was a small group last night, only four of us.  And we were breaking in a new waitress, but she was an admitted hooker (the crochet variety, not a prostitute), so there was speedy fiber bonding.  Give us a few more months, and we will have her coming in on her night off to learn how to knit.

It took every minute I was there, but I met my goal for the evening.  (Apparently, for once, I had a realistic knitting goal.)  I finished the first long side and rounded the corner.  I am officially on the downward slope of the edge.

I still have no idea if I will have enough yarn.  I have 60% to 70% of one skein, and around 50% of another skein left.

Halfway done with the edge.

At the risk of repeating myself, I HAVE to have enough yarn, because I can't get more of this and I have to have enough yarn.

Today, it is all about enough.

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